Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RO 44

Originally Published on November 11, 2009

And they said it was a passing fad!

Turn the volume dial all the way up on yer computer machine or MP3 device and step right into the party celebratin’ the third anniversary o’ RadiOblivion!

Meet Jorge “Sect Maniac” from Real Boss Hoss Productions and the Jinxes. Get to know the mighty Steve Terrell of the Big Enchilada podcast. Rub elbows with the real life independent film maker of the upcoming flick, Cyclone. Gander at every single member of the Hydes. Listen to Wild Sounds and Rock ‘n’ Roll by the likes of Thee Shatners, Mad Mike & the Maniacs, Jehosaphat Blow, Sinner Strong, the Brentwoods, the Montesas, Thee Impalas, plus many more…

And stay fer the cake!

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