Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RO 45

Originally Published on January 6, 2010

Michael Kaiser, along with Monster That Challenged World, brings y'all the 1st eppy-sode o' RadiOblivion for 2010, Clyde!

Super Action Blast Sonic Boom edition crammed into a bite-sized, 36 minute aural pummeling kicking off with legendary Punk Rock pounders the Armitage Shanks (named after a British toilet company!) and Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire! Other wild and primitive acts include: the Micragirls (my new favorite band!) from Finland; Atomic Suplex - who will knock yer choppers out with their sheer savage-ness; Georgia swamp-stompers the Shathouse Rats; French-fried Surf by the Taikonauts; killer Instrumental/Surf by One Fathom Down; even more Surf sounds by Get Three Coffins Ready from Colorado (home of one of the greatest Surf bands ever, the Astronauts); the amazing Ragwater Revue; and, of course, everybody's favorite flakes: the Flakes!

Most of the tracks played this eppy-sode were taken from Music Alley - the old Podsafe Music Network. Bands, If'n I were you I'd upload yer songs there!

RadiOblivion can now be heard every Wednesday on the 10's EST on Real Punk Radio.

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Until next time: Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!

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