Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RadiOblivion No.49

Let's get SAVAGE with 14 all-out killers!

Starting off with the mind-boggling Cee Bee Beaumont, the Wildebeests, Graham Day & the Gaolers, and the sadly defunct, Tomorrow's Caveman. Then we get wylde with the Punk Rock sounds of the Back C.C.'s, followed by the Things, the amazing CoCoComa, everybody's new favorite band, the Othermen, and New Mexico's Garage champions, the Scrams. Next set starts out with the legendary Supercharger followed by Supercharger-esque hoodlums, the Hysterians, Thee Exciters, and the Persian Claws. We end the show with a fantabulous outfit known as Thee Cormans.

Big news this go 'round: RadiOblivion is now part of the Subculture Collective! New eppy-sodes will be available on Fridays. That is, the Fridays that there are new eppy-sodes. RadiOblivion made the Nashville news in the Tennessean newspaper. Android phone users can now download and install the RadiOblivion App! Yup, its RadiOblivion in yer pocket, baby. Just find yer way to the Android Market Place on yer robot device.

RadiOblivion is available in the Zune store. So if'n you have a Zune machine makes sure to subscribe. Visit the RadiOblivion page in iTunes and drop us a swell 5 Star review. Its easy and'll make ya feel good!

Check out the official RadiOblivion Shoppe on Zazzle and take a gander all the swell swag. Pick out something nice fer yerself while yer there. And remember...

Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!

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