Thursday, September 2, 2010

RadiOblivion No.53 - Wild & Primitive... LIVE!

First new eppy-sode o' the RadiOblivion podcast in 80 days!

We haven't gone anywhere, friends. In fact, RadiOblivion has stepped it up several notches in the time it takes to go 'round the world (according to ol' Jules Verne). In fact, RadiOblivion has gone Wild & Primitive... LIVE! each and every Wednesday night at 10:00pm, Eastern Time on Real Punk Radio. That's right. Since May we've been broadcasting Wild Sounds & Rock 'n' Roll live each week over there. And its such a hoot that them live shows are the new format for the RadiOblivion podcast. That's right. It does mean a new podcast eppy-sode each and every week. Unless something goes awry, of course.

Alright, baby. This week's go-'round features POUNDERS by the likes of Kermits Finger, Thee Ludds, Paul Bearer & the Hearsemen, the Ding Dongs, the Jadewalkers, the Mustangs, the Motions, and a whole hour's worth more.

So, strap on yer safety helmet and Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!

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