Thursday, October 14, 2010

RadiOblivion No.59 - Destination: Space!

As John Drew Barrymore said: "The only thing square about this world is that cats what live in it!" So let's get out of here for a 59 minute trip to outer space with Michael Kaiser and RadiOblivion Wild & Primitive... LIVE, space rangers!

Starting off with Thee Headcoats' declaration of I Wasn't Made For This World, we then fire up our Space Jeeps with New Mexico's the Scrams. Once we break out of the atmosphere we've gotta dodge nearby bodies such as satellites and meteors with the Vulcaneers before making it to the moon where we get the sounds of lunar stomps by the Charles Napiers, the Sharks and Deacon & the Rock-n-Rollers. Next stop: Mars with Frosty & the Diamonds, Terry Dunavan and the Gazmen. We continue further in to the great beyond with Fabienne Delsol, Danny Wheeler and Batmobile before touching down on Uranus with the Treblemakers. A quick glance at our sun-dial shows we've gotta head back to this mortal coil quick-like with Mondo Topless! A bunch more POUNDERS fill in the gaps along the way, but typing in zero gravity (there ain't no such thing, by the way) is tedious with these gloves on. Back to squaresville, pops.

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