Thursday, November 18, 2010

RadiOblivion No.64 - All IQ Droppers!

The four year anniversary show of RadiOblivion with Michael Kaiser! That's right. We've been providing Better Living Through Discarded Music with only the finest in Wild Sounds and Rock 'n' Roll for 4 years, pally!!

This week's eppy-sode features nothing but some of the all-time greatest IQ droppers ever recorded. We guarantee that you will be exponentially dumber by the end than you were before you tuned in. That's the RadiOblivion commitment in action, Jackson! Featuring knucklehead inducers by the Dinks, Rock-Fellers, Ho Ho Laughing Monster, King Uszniewicz and the Uszniewicztones, the Earthboys, Bryan "Legs" Walker, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, the Mad Daddy, and an entire 60 minutes worth of stoopidity!

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