Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RO 061113: RIP WAPR

Welcome to the re-re-boot of RadiOblivion!

Wild And Primitive Radio was a test. A very successful test. So I pulled the plug on it. No joke. The masses have spoken on our Facebook page and Twitter. When given the choice of regular length eppy-sodes less frequently or shorter eppy-sodes regularly, the winner of the Pepsi Challenge (silly Canadians) was column B.

Here's the result: a 23 minute POUNDER-fest!! Ya get Rocky Holman, The Boys Blue, The Cadillacs, the amazing It's All Meat doing "Feel It", and Wild Billy Childish and The Spartan Dreggs doing "The Ocean River Runs Around The Edge" (affiliate links)
In lieu of broadcasting live on Internet radio we're using our sorely neglected Ustream channel to give ya a glimpse into Kaiser Studio B whilst we (I) podcast. So bookmark that page and watch for broadcast times on Twitter and Facebook, turkey.


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