Monday, June 24, 2013

RO 062413: 50's Punk & Rockabilly Week Day 1

All this week it's nuthin' but wild, savage Rockabilly and 50's Punk Rock, pally. Now don't go thinking that there will be 5 eppy-sodes comin' yer way! There may be. And there may not. I've got the set lists lined-up fer the whole week, but cain't make promises.

In this 6 pack o' POUNDERS you'll get yer gourd split by Mike Fern doing A Bomb Bop, Johnny Fallin with Wild Streak, Rudy Grayzell (aff) yellin' Let's Get Wild, Eddie Bond (aff) and his tale of Slip, Slip, Slippin' In, Bobby Louis doin' time in the Cell Of Love, and Peanuts Wilson beatin' yer noggin with his Cast Iron Arm.

Don't be stingy, Jack! Share this with yer neighbors.


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