Saturday, July 6, 2013

RO 070613: Killed By Stereo

A quirky one, jerky! Another 6 pack o' POUNDERS with a couple wads o' bubblegum thrown in to give yer jaws a work-out whilst yer feet stomp the floor to shreds during this eppy-sode of RadiOblivion. Whether or not yer a commuter point yer computer machine to the file below and add this 24 minute rocket-ride to yer co-llection. And share it with a friend. They need it more than you can imagine.

In this little beast you get the Rip-Offs (aff) doin' the Dolemite; the Shadows of Knight (aff) demanding that you Shake1910 Fruitgum Company (aff) accusin' you of being an Indian GiverThe Jimmy Hook Band planning devious things in Jacksonville; Thursday's Children screamin' Help, Murder, Police; and The New Hawks messing up your gray matter with a wild stereophonic version of the James Bond Theme.

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