Thursday, September 5, 2013

RO 090513: Pick Yer Friend's Nose Part 01

A bit ago we posted a fill-in-the-blank thingy on the RadiOblivion Facebook page askin' who "Thee greatest 60's Punk band is" and the answers came a-floodin' in! So on this eppy-sode you name the band, we pick the POUNDER! Translation: We take yer nominations for the best bands and we select a track to play by 'em. That's called crowd-sourcing a podcast. Fun! And here we go:

Rick Weyersberg and Michael Weaver say that the MC5 is the best; we play I Just Don't Know from the "Looking At You" 10" on Total Energy. Jorge Sectmaniac picks a slew o' bands as the best (something he is wont to do) - among them, The Premiers; we acknowledge that pick with a POUNDER of a track called Get On This Plane. Pete Cziewonsky sez The Troggs gets the title; we say I Just Sing seals the deal, pally! Iowa's native son, Tommy Unit, of  Real Punk Radio fame names Iowa's favorite band, GONN; we are compelled to play Blackout of Gretely for any that would dare challenge the Tommer. Podunk Radio cheif head-honcho, and Jacks Insanity host, Chris Griffith, along with Roxanne West and Colin McFarland all confidently claim the title goes to The Stooges; we oblige them, naturally, with I Feel Alright offa 1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions (aff). And a gang of tough's, including Mottey of Mottey's Garage, Ravin' Jim Stark of Wild Wild Sounds, Anika Warnkin, and Will Ritcher are all convincing (brass knuckles brandished) in their claim that the crown belongs to The Sonics; we play Cinderella to prove 'em right, and to keep our pearly whites intact.

There you have it - Pick Yer Friend's Nose Part 01. Produced by and for the Friends of the Preservation of Pounders Society (F. P. P. S.)

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