Friday, June 21, 2024

Toxic Cesspool

Eeeegah, baby! RadiOblivion eppy-sode 192 with Professor Michael T is a wylde and woolly affair, indeed.

Lesten, turkeys. If'n ya want the real rock drive, ya gotta get dirty digging through crates and bins and trash. You gotta be ready to dive into the Toxic Cesspool, pally. And that's what we do every time a new R-Bomb drops!!

On this adventure in Better Living Through Discarded Music, you get a toxic mix of:

Arsen Roulette, The Space Cadets, Nightstalkers, K.V. Raucous and the Cave Dwellers, Frenzy, The Toy Dolls, Nekromantix, Art Guy, and the Guana Batz. 

Strap in, shove those earbuds deep, and get ready to get drenched in sonic sludge. Let's Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!

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Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!