Friday, November 10, 2023

Pow Wow

Blown sand and desert dunes exhibit a fascinating interplay of physics shaped by wind dynamics, sediment transport, and dune formation processes. In arid landscapes the prevailing wind direction plays a crucial role in sculpting dunes. As wind sweeps across the barren terrain, it lifts and transports sand grains, initiating a process known as saltation. The airborne particles can collide with the surface, causing further erosion. Over time, these interactions lead to the accumulation of sand in the form of dunes. The physics involved in dune formation include factors such as wind speed, grain size, and the angle of the slope, influencing the dune's morphology. 

Featuring tracks by: The Spartan Dreggs, King Salami & the Cumberland 3, Deadbolt, The Guana Batz, Grande Cobra, New Bomb Turks, and more.


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